Restereo comes from our want and need to buy and repurpose items with forgotten value. First we search far and wide until the end of the earth for the primo vintage iconic or forgotten American craftsmanship. Second we buy it and stare at it until an idea explodes into our minds then effortlessly extrudes itself onto paper. Then we either ball it up and throw it into the trash, or hang it on the wall for further examination, scrutiny, and possible development. Thirdly we take the ideas and pieces that stand out and start to hand craft them into the stuff dreams are made from. We gently and sympathetically restore, remodel, and rewire vintage audio into modern American made beauties ready to sooth or motivate any enthusiast to "retreat into sound".


Restereo designs and restores one of a kind antique Hi-Fi audio tube amplifiers, speakers, and accessories for the modern audiophile. Restereo selects only the finest American made vintage audio pieces for an expert sympathetic restoration, preserving the character while vastly improving sound quality.

Introducing the Hammond Solovox Tone Cabinet Model L. Made in 1948, this was the tube amplifier and speaker for a unique small Hammond Organ. Constructed from mahogany and brass, these were beautifully engineered for optimal sound quality. A classic piece of American craftsmanship.

We here at Restereo rewired this Hammond Amp into a class A single end amplifier for your Hi-Fi listening enjoyment. The unit boasts a powerful neodymium magnet full range speaker for sensitive, clear sounds and modern bluetooth & airplay technology allowing wireless streaming from your choice of device and platform. An auxiliary port was also included for a secure wired connection.

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Pre-Amp Tubes

The Hammond is outfitted with 6SN7 NOS American made tubes. 6SN7 is a dual triode vacuum tube with an 8-pin octal base. It provided a medium gain (20). The 6SN7 is basically two 6J5 triodes in one envelope.

The 6SN7 was often used as an audio amplifier in the 1940-1955 period, usually in the driver stages of power amps. The designer of the famous Williamson amplifier, one of the first true high-fidelity designs, suggested use of the 6SN7 in his 1949 revision.

Power Tubes

Each Restereo unit comes equipped with high quality new old stock tubes.

Each Hammond unit is equipped with 6AV5 NOS American made tubes. The 6AV5 is a beam power pentode vacuum tube, it exhibits high plate current at low plate and screen voltage, provides power and clarity with low distortion and is perfectly suited as as a class A amplifier in the vintage Hammond.


Modern universal wireless connectivity is added to each Restereo unit, giving the user the ability to stream from any platform providing a one of a kind listening experience.


Auxiliary Input - Line level 1/8" mini jack, standard on each Restereo unit.

Bluetooth Connectivity - 4.0 standard bluetooth, which incorporates the latest aptX decoder for fantastic, high quality music. Standard on each Restereo unit.

Airplay - Available as an add on to any Restereo unit.

The Speaker

The Restereo Hammond Tone Cabinet driver performs flawlessly: true bass, articulate midrange, and balanced extended highs. An intensive program of design and texting has yielded full range speakers that feature high sensitivity and smooth response on each speaker. The 8" driver's superb resolution and natural sound quality make it the best driver option for the Hammond Tone Cabinet units.

The speaker performance specs are as follows:

- High sensitivity/minimal distortion. An ideal match for lower powered amplifiers.
- Parasitic HF cone and carfully engineered phase plug extend on- and off-axis response.
- Solid bass performance.
- Optimized Neodymium magnet provides high motor strength.
- Low-mass copper clad aluminum voice coil.
- Copper cap and copper ring on pole piece reduce inductance and distortion.
- Kevlar reinforced paper cone is lightweight yet rigid and well controlled.

The Transformer

Restereo's output transformers have been mathematically designed to produce exact plate and screen voltages. These transformers are precision gapped to adjust for unbalanced DC current.


Wattage: 15W
Input Impedance: 5K Ohms
Output Impedance: 8 Ohms
THD+Noise: <0.1% @ 1K Hz
Screen/Grid Tap: 40%
Bobbin Material: Glass Filled Nylon
Frequency Response: 40~18K Hz., <1dBu
Core Material: M6 29 ga. line grain oriented steel


Our modern Restereo units are designed with all sympathetically remanufactured tube electronics, individually tuned to each design to optimize the listening experience. Our technicians have years of experience customizing Hi-Fi tube consoles, achieving award winning results regardless of listening forté.

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Whether your unit was pre-designed or custom built, these modern units set the standard for what's to come in Hi-Fi tube electronics and sound. No matter the room or acoustics, we can design a Restereo system tube console for almost any application.

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